Rick Ray live updates – 1:21

At 10:30 a.m. today, Rick Ray will meet with the media for his weekly press conference. Mississippi State hosts Auburn on Wednesday night and travels to Ole Miss on Saturday.

Live updates to follow.


Rick Ray opens the press conference reading off stats. The highlights are how well his team did offensively against Texas A&M, who the stats back up as one of the best defensive teams in the country.

“We had some good stats against a defensive team that is very good,” Ray said. “I think our guys can hopefully see the results of not taking hurried jump shots.”

Ray mentioned MSU’s 81 points were the most given up by the Aggies all year.

As for Auburn, Ray says the Tigers have a couple strong scorers and says Craig Sword and Fred Thomas (as well as the rest of the team) will have to be tight defensively.

The biggest thing about Auburn, Ray says, isn’t Xs and Os but handling success.

“Hopefully, we’re maturing,” Ray said.

How State reacts to winning is the key.

To this point, Ray says one of the good things has been Trivante Bloodman’s improvement and having him to backup Ready.

“I think he’s handled his role really well,” Ray said.

Tough for a guy who started and played 30-plus minutes a game last year to come back and not do so much. Ray said he’s handled that very well.

An interesting note on scouting, Ray says redshirting guard Travis Daniels is the guy they always have in practice simulating whoever the other team’s best player is.

With Auburn’s scorers Wednesday and Marshall Henderson and Ole Miss Saturday, Ray said that while team defense is important, “What it’s really gonna boil down to is individual defense … We can’t have guys helping on every possession.”

Ray says he doesn’t anticipate point guard IJ Ready playing tomorrow night. Hasn’t practiced, still not cleared from concussion.

Ready will get evaluated by doctors again tomorrow, but after not practicing or doing anything for a week, Ray finds it unlikely Ready would be, well, ready.

Funny stuff from Ray on how he doesn’t argue too much or get into it with referees.

“It’s hard when you’re telling your players not to react to the refs and then you yell at them,” Ray said.

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