Winner of Davis Wade Stadium banner contest announced; all submissions displayed

Stadium Banners Final

Earlier this year, the Mississippi State athletic department asked for fan-submitted ideas for banners to hang on Davis Wade Stadium.

Submissions poured in quickly, and the winner of the contest is Chris McMillen, of, who is based out of Starkville. The above picture is a tweaked version of his concept that MSU will hang on the stadium this year.

Talking to athletic director Scott Stricklin and the marketing staff, the decision took a bit of time with all the submissions (which can be viewed in the gallery below), and one of the big factors was the spacing of the banners once on the stadium facade.

Many of the banners, they said, were impressive in design, but the intended concepts lost some of their impact once superimposed on Davis Wade in renderings with the necessary spacing across the side of the stadium.

Spacing issues aside, the submissions are fun to look at and generally very well done. There were well over 100 submissions, all viewable below. Some were sent in pieces, rather than as one image, and while I efforted to keep them in order, a few are likely to be out of place.

Either way, enjoy; and a big thank you to Rhett Hobart in marketing for compiling all the designs.

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5 Responses to Winner of Davis Wade Stadium banner contest announced; all submissions displayed

  1. Gray Daniel says:


  2. Jennifer says:

    It’s past tense of effort. Meaning he made all efforts to, attempted to.

  3. Lamar Conerly says:

    Do we have to let visitors know and remind us that we haven’t won an SEC championship since 1941?

  4. j. frank keith, II says:

    I am a ’56 grad. We had a bulldog as a mascot, but our name were “Maroons”. I still prefer the latter as it is distinct to MS State. I would like to see “Maroons” used more often and not lumped in with the “bulldogs” of UGA, Fresno St., etc. Regards and “GO MAROONS”

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