The Notebook: 3-28

Happy Friday!

A busy week at Mississippi State becomes a busy weekend today, starting with baseball tonight. And that is where the notes begin.

YQMPLOUQEPBVIGZ.20140321003702Yesterday, MSU announced it’s pitching rotation for the weekend against Arkansas, the same trio it used so successfully against Vanderbilt last weekend: Friday – Preston Brown (3-0, 1.12 ERA), Saturday – Ross Mitchell (4-1, 1.66 ERA), Sunday -Trevor Fitts (2-1, 3.13 ERA).

Pitching coach Butch Thompson has compared Brown to former MSU pitcher Kendall Graveman, which seems pretty accurate. Brown racked up the ground outs last Friday, and he’s pitched 16 total innings in his last two starts. With him, Mitchell and Fitts as varying levels of inning eaters, MSU has a lot of flexibility with its bullpen.

Keep in mind, Ben Bracewell and Dakota Hudson, who both have multiple weekend starts, are fresh and available, in addition to the lengthy list of relievers and closers.


Over at football, Dan Mullen’s team is closing in on the end of week two, including a scrimmage in Davis Wade Stadium tomorrow morning at 11. That will be open to the public, should anyone like to watch.

The Bulldogs obviously do 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 in practice, but Mullen and the staff treat scrimmages as “opportunities” for the players different from regular practices. Scrimmages are their chance to make a move on depth chart and impress their coaches, making them significantly more intense and meaningful.

Typically, the first team offense will run a series against the first team defense, then the twos have a drive against each other, followed by the threes, with that schedule repeated several times. It will be interesting to see who runs with each team, as well as to see who stands out.

It was in the spring last year when Brandon Holloway made such an impression at running back, the position he has now switched to this spring.

BjwbFegCMAA43-a.jpg-largeAnother fun football note: former Southern Cal head coach Ed Orgeron was the guest speaker at MSU’s coaching clinic yesterday. I don’t know what he said, but I did find out that he and offensive line coach John Hevesy actually have a history, having coached together at Syracuse in the ’90s. Coach O seemed to be well-received by MSU’s staff and was out watching the Bulldogs practice Thursday afternoon.


One last note, which isn’t exactly an exclusive breaking story, but is certainly entertaining and a sneak peek: softball is trying out a new promotion on Saturday where a fan at the game is selected to go in the outfield with a glove between innings and catch shirts shot out a T-shirt cannon. If you catch it, you get to keep it. And if you catch all three, supposedly, you get a prize.

Not exactly headline news, but I badly want to try it. Ought to be fun.

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