Maroon-White Spring Game rosters released


Mississippi State released the official rosters for the Maroon-White spring football game on Saturday, the entirety of which you can view above. Players may very well switch between now and kickoff, and it certainly wouldn’t be surprising to see guys change teams mid-scrimmage, but this gives us a good starting point for what to expect.

With a few exceptions, it’s basically the first team offense vs. the first team defense, with the No. 2s on defense pairing with the starting offense and the No. 2s on offense joining the starting defense on their sideline.

Some notable starters will be out, including Dillon Day, Kaleb Eulls, Justin Malone, P.J. Jones and Jay Hughes, as well as a few others still rehabbing various bumps and bruises.

The Maroon team (first team offense) is being coached by co-OC Billy Gonzales, DC Geoff Collins, associate head coach Tony Hughes and tight ends coach Scott Sallach, as well as a host of others.

Team White (first team defense) is being led by co-OC John Hevesy, QB coach Brian Johnson, cornerbacks coach Deshea Townsend, D-line coach David Turner and the rest of the staff.

The scrimmage, for the most part, will be played like a normal game with a 10 minute halftime and a running clock in the second half. Kickoff is at noon in Davis Wade Stadium, gates open at 10 a.m.

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