2014 MSU football schedule posters released

Dak Prescott 1

As seen above and below, Mississippi State is rolling out a new design on this year’s football schedule posters, going from horizontal to vertical, black to white and one version to four.

The four different posters feature some of the prominent Bulldogs, with junior quarterback Dak Prescott, senior center Dillon Day, junior linebacker Benardrick McKinney and senior defensive tackle Kaleb Eulls.

Prescott was the breakout star for MSU last season, while the man snapping him the ball, Day, has become one of the top centers in the country. McKinney is not just the star of State’s defense, he’s one of the best linebackers playing college football in 2014 and may very well be in an NFL camp this time next year. While those on the outside may not be aware, those in the Seal Football Complex know Eulls may be the most respected player on the team, an unquestioned leader not just for his defense, but in all facets.

As for the design itself, the white background is a continuation of the style the marketing department tried out with softball and baseball this spring, and it sounds like they’re using the same design for all fall sports in 2014. One subtle advantage, marketing man Rhett Hobart mentioned, is the ability to make maroon the main color on top of the white, a very clean look.

Of course, the biggest change is going from one poster to four. Traditional schedule posters have the whole team, the coaching staff or at least several players and a coach. Very few have just one player or multiple versions.

Said marketing director Leah Beasley, “After last season’s thrilling finish, we wanted the look and feel for this year’s design to be exceptional and exciting – something to keep the momentum going. These large singular images portray a strong Bulldog presence that we feel fans will enjoy collecting as our team continues to Fight for Mississippi State.”

As for getting a hold of the posters, they will be available at Fan Day on August 23rd and at the Summer Extravaganza in Jackson on July 17th. The department is working on a system now to mail them to out-of-town fans for a minimal fee, though the details on that haven’t yet been finalized. We’ll certainly share when they are.

Benardrick McKinney


Kaleb Eulls

Dillon Day POSTER

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4 Responses to 2014 MSU football schedule posters released



  2. Grant Hastings says:

    How can i get a schedule poster

  3. Amy Youngblood says:

    I am in Birmingham, Alabama and want a schedule poster to put up at work so I can show my fan support around all these Alabama and Auburn fans- how can I get one?

  4. Helene Payne says:

    Would you consider printing these again?

    We were unable to get to SBW or the Extravaganza this year and we hate that we missed getting the posters.

    Would especially love to get the one of DAK!!!

    Thanks so much!

    GO DOGS!!!

    Helene Payne

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