MSU compiling best games at Scott Field and all-time football team

With 2014 marking the 100-year anniversary of Scott Field, Mississippi State is planning several events to commemorate the centennial mark.

What will be fun is that at least two of the things planned will be more or less run by MSU fans.

YJRWCDWSEZGEOJT.20140522060046First, starting today MSU is searching for nominations for the best games in the history of Scott Field – essentially, the best home games in Bulldog history. A panel from the athletic department will narrow down the suggestions to a Top 25 after a two-week nomination period beginning today, then will ask fans to vote for their Top 10.

Submissions are taken beginning today, just tweet using the hashtag #HailStateVote to nominate a game. For example, a tweet could read “1999 Egg Bowl #HailStateVote,” though it could certainly include other highlights, such as an individual play or moment from a game. Just make sure to include the game and hashtag.

The second one – and this is the part I’m particularly excited about – will be an all-time MSU football team, a starting 11 on both sides of the ball and two utility players as voted on by fans. A committee will come up with a list of nominees for each position and I’ll actually have the voting here on the blog, including quick bios and numbers for each of the nominees to aid in the decision-making process. The winners will be announced throughout the season as MSU will fill in the starting lineup on the video board over the course of the fall.

The voting will take place position by position (for example: one day will be picking one quarterback from five nominees, the next will be picking three linebackers from eight nominees, etc.) over the course of the preseason.

Oh, and in case you missed it a couple weeks back, I wrote a story about Don Scott, the man for whom Scott Field was named, in case you need something to get you in the proper nostalgic mood.

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