25 finalists selected for 10 best games in Scott Field history

As previously announced, Mississippi State is compiling the Top 10 games in the history of Scott Field as a means of honoring the 100th year of Scott Field. A committee took every nominee submitted and narrowed it down to the 25 best games. Now, it’s time to vote for your favorite, with the winners announced over the course of the season.

YJRWCDWSEZGEOJT.20140522060046To submit your vote, just tweet or post on facebook the particular game along with the hashtag #HailStateVote. For example, one could tweet “My #HailStateVote is for the 1999 Egg Bowl.”

Moving on with the show, here are the 25 finalists in chronological order.


1918 Ole Miss– MSU 34, Ole Miss 0

  • First time Ole Miss played in Starkville
  • On Thanksgiving day, pre-Egg Bowl

1940 Egg Bowl – MSU 19, Ole Miss 0

  • MSU was 16th in country, Ole Miss 11th
  • Only undefeated season in MSU history, ended with a No. 9 ranking and a win over Georgetown in the Orange Bowl

1950 Tennessee – MSU 7, UT 0

  • Shutout of 4th-ranked eventual National Champion
  • First SEC win for head coach Slick Morton
  • Robert Neyland-led Vols only entered MSU’s redzone once the entire game

1951 Georgia – MSU 6, UGA 0

  • UGA ranked 13th in country
  • Shutout for the defense

1978 Florida State – MSU 55, FSU 27

  • Blowout win over No. 15 team in the country on Homecoming
  • Signature home win of head coach Bob Tyler’s career over Bobby Bowden in his third year at FSU
  • 596 yards of total offense stands as 2nd-best in MSU history

1981 Miami – MSU 14, Miami 10

  • Homecoming victory in one of Emory Bellard’s best years, #16 MSU beat #13 Miami
  • Following the win, the Bulldogs entered the Top 10, reaching as high as No. 7 that year
  • Beat eventual Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly and legendary coach Howard Schnellenberger

1982 LSU – MSU 27, LSU 24

  • The first night game at Scott Field, temporary lights were brought in
  • First televised game at Scott Field
  • Bulldogs hit a last-minute field goal to escape with close victory over 6th-ranked Tigers who were on their way to Sugar Bowl

1984 LSU – MSU 16, LSU 14

  • Another close victory for Emory Bellard over a Top 10 LSU team
  • Artie Cosby kicked the game-winning field goal with 1:15 left to keep LSU from winning the SEC title

1985 Memphis State – MSU 31, Memphis 28

  • Thrilling home win in Emory Bellard’s final campaign
  • Artie Cosby kicked the longest field goal in MSU history in the last second to win, a 54-yarder

1991 Texas – MSU 13, UT 6

  • Signature win of Jackie Sherrill’s first season over his longtime rival at Texas A&M
  • Longhorns Ranked 13th nationally
  • Statement game for Sherrill and program, helped team advance to a bowl game

1991 Egg Bowl – MSU 24, UM 9

  • First Egg Bowl back in Starkville after 20 years in Jackson
  • Jackie Sherrill’s first Egg Bowl
  • Sleepy Robinson led offensive attack for MSU both on the ground and through the air

1992 Florida – MSU 30, UF 6

  • First in a string of home victories over the Gators, the defending SEC champs
  • First Thursday night game in MSU history
  • Matchup of Top 25 teams – MSU 24th, UF 13th

1994 Tennessee – MSU 24, UT 21

  • Tight win over 23rd-ranked Vols
  • Debut of Peyton Manning for UT after MSU knocked the starting quarterback out of the game
  • MSU forced a turnover in fourth quarter and drove to the one where they threw a touchdown pass to win it

1996 Alabama – MSU 17, UA 16

  • Bama ranked No. 8 in the country
  • Snapped a 16-game losing streak to Tide dating back to 1980 win in Jackson
  • Long catch by Reggie Kelly set up the go-ahead Brian Hazelwood field goal late in the game

1998 Arkansas – MSU 22, UA 21

  • Brian Hazelwood’s come-from-behind field goal won it to keep Bulldogs alive for SEC West
  • MSU won the division that year, played Tennessee in SEC Championship Game in Atlanta

1999 LSU – MSU 17, LSU 16

  • Nail-biter homecoming win for No. 12 MSU
  • Wayne Madkin led the comeback and Rod Gibson scored the game-winning touchdown with just over one minute on the clock
  • The only 10-win season in the modern era, Bulldogs were ranked as high as 8th nationally

1999 Egg Bowl – MSU 23, UM 20

  • Wayne Madkin to C.J. Sirmones touchdown tied the game in the final minute
  • Ole Miss attempted a Hail Mary, which was intercepted and returned to field goal range
  • Scott Westerfield hit a last-second field goal to win
  • Top-25 Thanksgiving matchup

1999 Kentucky – MSU 23, UK 22

  • Matt Wyatt led the come-from-behind last minute win for No. 8 MSU
  • Scott Westerfield hit the last second field goal after State’s defense forced a UK fumble

2000 Florida – MSU 47, UF 35

  • Blowout win over No. 3 team in country
  • The iconic 3rd and 57 forced by MSU’s defense, plus two safeties
  • UF coach Steve Spurrier changed quarterbacks four times
  • Dontae Walker and Dicenzo Miller both went over 100 yards rushing

2000 Auburn – MSU 17, AU 10

  • Top 25 matchup of No. 20 MSU over No. 15 Auburn
  • Dominating defensive performance under Joe Lee Dunn, the Bulldogs were up 17-0 mid fourth-quarter before giving up late scores

2004 Florida – MSU 38, UF 31

  • First SEC win for Sylvester Croom
  • Jerious Norwood rushed for 175 yards
  • UF ranked No. 20

2007 Alabama – MSU 17, UA 12

  • Anthony Johnson 100-yard pick-six to take the lead
  • Signature win of Sylvester Croom’s career
  • Beat Nick Saban in his first year with Tide

2007 Egg Bowl – MSU 17, UM 14

  • Largest fourth-quarter comeback in MSU history
  • Sent MSU to a bowl game
  • Derek Pegues returned a late punt for a touchdown
  • Adam Carlson hit the game-winning field goal with five seconds left

2009 Egg Bowl – MSU 41, UM 27

  • Signature win of Dan Mullen’s first season over the favored in-state rival
  • Anthony Dixon and Chris Relf both rushed over 100 yards
  • Corey Broomfield had a pick-six, one of three interceptions by MSU’s defense
  • Dan Mullen gave his “Program on the rise” speech on the field after the game

2013 Egg Bowl – MSU 17, UM 10

  • The only overtime in Egg Bowl history
  • Dak Prescott’s fourth-quarter return; he tied the game then had the winning touchdown run in overtime
  • Nickoe Whitley forced a fumble of UM QB Bo Wallace in overtime, recovered by Jamerson Love to secure the win
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6 Responses to 25 finalists selected for 10 best games in Scott Field history

  1. Steve Wallace says:

    1999 Egg Bowl, still my screen saver! Sitting with my two brother in laws, which both played for tsun. Had been giving me grief and when Scoot hit the field goal, they both looked like they were going to yak!! Loved it!!! Bite’em DOGS!! I NEED MORE COWBELL!!!

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  3. Joan Hamilton says:

    2007 MSU Alabama

  4. J.D. Shaw says:

    Great list, and all great games, but one correction. The 1982 LSU game was not the first televised game at Scott Field. The Georgia- MSU contest earlier that season was televised (you can find it on YouTube, and the broadcasters claim that game was the first ever live network telecast from Starkville). State lost to a Herschel Walker-led Georgia team 29-22, but it was nevertheless a great matchup between the two sets of Bulldogs.

  5. David Thoms says:

    I also like, 1963 LSU, Auburn wins and Ole Miss Tie to go to the Liberty Bowl in PA. or how about the John Bond MSU 6-ALA 3 in 1980. The LSU Game that year also.

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