All-Time MSU Football Team: Tight Ends

Over the three weeks of fall camp, Mississippi State will be collecting votes and assembling an all-time MSU football team in honor of the 100th anniversary of Scott Field. Winners will be announced over the course of the season as the starters are filled in on both sides of the ball.

Voting is simple: the candidates and their highlights are listed below, just vote for your choices in the poll.

Reggie Kelly

Reggie Kelly

Today, we are selecting one tight end from the pool

Johnny Baker 1960-62

40 career catches, 558 yards, one touchdown, 3rd round NFL Draft pick, 7th round AFL Draft pick in 1963, 1961 All-SEC, 1962 All-SEC

Jerry Price 1979-82

29 career catches, 425 yards, one touchdown, 1981 All-SEC

Jesse Anderson 1987-89

69 career catches, 887 yards, four touchdowns, 4th round NFL Draft pick by Tampa Bay Buccaneers, split time as running back with 125 career rushes for 545 yards and three touchdowns, 1989 All-SEC

Kendell Watkins 1991-94

11 career catches, 130 yards, two touchdowns, 2nd round NFL Draft pick by Dallas Cowboys in 1995, 1994 All-SEC

Reggie Kelly 1995-98

29 career catches, 472 yards, two touchdowns, 16.3 yards per catch, played in SEC Championship Game, 2nd round NFL Draft pick by Atlanta Falcons in 1999, salsa entrepreneur

Donald Lee 1999-02

61 career catches, 611 yards, three touchdowns, 2003 5th round NFL Draft pick by Miami Dolphins

Eric Butler 2004-07

50 career catches, 635 yards, eight touchdowns, 2004 Freshman All-SEC

Marcus Green 2008-12

61 career catches, 795 yards, 10 touchdowns

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2 Responses to All-Time MSU Football Team: Tight Ends

  1. William Kelly says:


  2. wilbert mitchell says:

    Not only does the football antics on the field count, but off as well. I believe Regggie Kelly opitimizes this, that is why i voted for him, he is a real team leader

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