All-Time MSU Football Team: Offensive Linemen

Over the three weeks of fall camp, Mississippi State will be collecting votes and assembling an all-time MSU football team in honor of the 100th anniversary of Scott Field. Winners will be announced over the course of the season as the starters are filled in on both sides of the ball.

Voting is simple: the candidates and their highlights are listed below, just vote for your choices in the poll.

Kent Hull

Kent Hull

Today, we are selecting four offensive linemen from the pool of finalists.

Hunter Corhern, Offensive Guard

All-American 1940, first AP All-American in MSU history, All-SEC 1940

Hal Easterwood, Center

All-American 1954, Birmingham QB Club MVP 1953, 12th round NFL Draft pick 1954

Scott Suber, Offensive Guard

All-American 1955, Birmingham QB Club MVP 1955, All-SEC 1955

Tom Goode, Center

All-American 1960, two-time All-SEC (1959-60), second round NFL Draft pick 1961

Pat Watson, Center

All-American 1963, three-time All-SEC (1962-64)

Richard Keyes, Center

Two-time All-SEC (1975-76)

Kent Hull, Center

Namesake of Kent Hull Award given annually to top collegiate OL in state of Mississippi, four Super Bowl appearances with Buffalo Bills, member of Ring of Honor at Davis Wade Stadium

Wayne Harris, Offensive Guard

All-American 1982, Lombardi Award semi-finalist 1982, three-time All-SEC (1980-82)

John James, Offensive Tackle

All-American 1992, Freshman All-SEC 1989, two-time All-SEC (1991-92)

David Stewart, Offensive Tackle

All-SEC 2004, fourth round NFL Draft pick 2005

Jesse James, Offensive Guard

All-American 1994, Atlanta Touchdown Club Southeast OL of the Year 1994, All-SEC 1994, second round NFL Draft pick 1995

Randy Thomas, Offensive Guard

All-American 1998, All-SEC 1998, second round NFL Draft pick 1999

Pork Chop Womack, Offensive Tackle

All-American 2000, All-SEC 2000, fourth round NFL Draft pick 2001

Derek Sherrod, Offensive Tackle

All-American 2010, National Football Foundation Scholar-Athlete 2010, four-time SEC OL of the Week, two-time All-SEC (2009-10), first round NFL Draft pick 2010

Gabe Jackson, Offensive Guard

All-American 2012, All-American 2013, Conerly Trophy Winner 2013, Freshman All-SEC 2010, Kent Hull Award Winner 2013, three-time SEC OL of the Week, SEC Good Works Team 2010, three-time All-SEC (2011-13), third round NFL Draft pick 2013

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5 Responses to All-Time MSU Football Team: Offensive Linemen

  1. Bob Holmes says:

    Why only 4 Lineman?

  2. Al Moody says:

    1. Kent Hull 2. Pork Chop Womack 3. Derek Sherrod 4. Gabe Jackson

  3. DAVID says:


  4. Chris says:

    Scott Suber is probably States oldest living All-American

  5. Teresa Bradley says:

    Congratulations John James. What an honor!

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