All-Time MSU Football Team: Kicker and Punter

Over the three weeks of fall camp, Mississippi State will be collecting votes and assembling an all-time MSU football team in honor of the 100th anniversary of Scott Field. Winners will be announced over the course of the season as the starters are filled in on both sides of the ball.

brian-hazelwoodVoting is simple: the candidates and their highlights are listed below, just vote for your choices in the poll.

Today, we are selecting one punter and one placekicker from the pools of candidates.


Mike Patrick 1972-74

40.93 yards per punt (6th) on 171 punts (6th) for 6,999 yards (6th). Record for longest and second longest punts in MSU history (84 yards vs. Alabama 1974, 82 yards vs. William and Mary (1974)

Todd Jordan 1989-93

42.8 yards per punt (2nd) on 112 punts for 4,793 yards. All-SEC 1992

Andy Russ 1993-96

41.96 yards per punt (4th) on 159 punts (7th) for 6,672 yards (7th)

Jeff Walker 1996-99

43.44 yards per punt (1st) on 141 punts (10th) for 6,126 yards. All-SEC 1997

Baker Swedenburg 2010-13

41.65 yards per punt (5th) on 153 punts (9th) for 6,373 yards (8th)



Artie Cosby 1983-86

48 made field goals (1st) on 81 attempts (1st) for a .593 percentage (7th). Longest field goal in MSU history (54 yards vs. Memphis in 1985)

Joel Logan 1987-90

41 made field goals (3rd) on 61 attempts (3rd) for a .672 percentage (4th)

Brian Hazelwood 1995-98

43 made field goals (2nd) on 73 attempts (2nd) for a .589 percentage (8th). 2nd (53 yards) 6th (52 yards) and 8th (51, twice) longest field goals in MSU history. Two-time All-SEC 1997-8

Scott Westerfield 1999-00

30 made field goals (6th) on 42 attempts (5th) for a .714 percentage (3rd). T-8th (51 yards) longest field goal in MSU history, most made field goals in a season (18 in 1999). Two-time All-SEC 1999-00. Two-time semi-finalist for Lou Groza Award 1999-00

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5 Responses to All-Time MSU Football Team: Kicker and Punter

  1. steve whitehead says:

    Love the new” old” helmets without the white stripe. …made us look high schoolish

  2. Bulldog Fan says:

    Why is Brent Smith not included in the voting for All-Time Kicker? He should at least be in the discussion and then the fans decide. It’s silly he’s left out.

    • Nic Wilson says:

      I agree about Brent Smith. Isn’t he at the top of most of the FG records? Is it just simply because they were bad teams?

  3. Dennis Reese says:

    Dana Moore!!! Scored 6 points in State’s 6-3 win over Bama.

  4. Odell Klahn says:

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