Anti-Social Media: Why a few Bulldogs have decided not to tweet

I remember a few years ago, I unfollowed someone on Twitter because I wanted to cap the number of people I was following at 200. Any more than that just seemed unreasonable and too difficult to manage.

twitter-logoFast forward to present day and I’m following well over 1,000 folks. I never did re-follow that guy (sorry), but I couldn’t help following so many people as time went on and more and more people signed up to share their insights and observations.

It seems like everyone is on Twitter, especially in athletics, and I felt the need to follow them.

Though, while it seems like everyone is sending his or her thoughts out into cyberspace, there are still a few who don’t.

In an online world, there is a small group of players on Mississippi State’s football team who prefer to keep their human interactions limited to real life.

Why don’t they tweet like all their other teammates? Becoming a starter comes with much more than added playing time – you typically end up adding a few thousand Twitter followers, as well.

For some, that’s just the reason they don’t.

Whatever reasons they have, I asked a few of these Twitter-leery Bulldogs the same question: Why don’t you tweet?

Here are their answers.

Kaleb Eulls, senior defensive lineman: “To me, social media is just going to get you in trouble. You see what happens to some of these guys. It’s just trouble.”

Blaine Clausell, senior offensive lineman: “I just don’t do social media. It’s not my thing. I prefer face-to-face conversation.”

Malcolm Johnson, senior tight end: “I don’t do any of that stuff. There are too many opportunities to put your foot in your mouth. A lot of people try to judge you or think they know you because of Twitter, so I don’t give them that chance.”

A.J. Jefferson, sophomore defensive lineman: “Your girl will get you caught up. Social networking, it’s just another way…”

Jocquell Johnson, junior offensive lineman: “I used to, but it just gets you in trouble. Then Instagram came into play.”

P.J. Jones, senior defensive lineman: “Because I’m not a high-profile guy. I stay low-key.”

They may never see this article if all I do is tweet it, but they’re just fine with that. (Of course, if they ever do sign up, I’ll encourage them to follow me at @bobcarskadon #shamelessplug)

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