All-Time MSU Football Team: Running backs

Over the three weeks of fall camp, Mississippi State will be collecting votes and assembling an all-time MSU football team in honor of the 100th anniversary of Scott Field. Winners will be announced over the course of the season as the starters are filled in on both sides of the ball.

Voting is simple: the candidates and their highlights are listed below, just vote for your choices in the poll.

Anthony DixonToday, we are selecting two running backs from the pool of candidates.

Blondy Black 1940-42

1,577 yards on 260 carries, 6.1 yards per carry (1st), All-SEC 1941-42

Tom ‘Shorty’ McWilliams 1944-48

1,808 yards on 412 carries, 4.4 YPC, only MSU player to ever get a Heisman vote, All-SEC 1944 and 1946-48, All-American 1944, SEC player of the Year 1944

Art Davis 1951-54

1954 Nashville Banner SEC MVP, All-SEC 1954, All-American 1954, 5th overall pick of 1956 NFL Draft

Hoyle Granger 1963-65

1,534 yards on 350 attempts, seven touchdowns, 4.4 YPC, All-SEC 1963-65

Wayne Jones 1971-73

1,865 yards on 396 carries, 12 touchdowns, 4.3 YPC, 7 100-yard games (T-2nd)

Walter Packer 1973-76

2,820 yards (3rd) on 483 carries, 20 touchdowns (T-9th), 5.8 YPC, six 100-yard games (T-4th), All-SEC 1974-75

Michael Haddix 1979-82

2,558 yards (5th) on 425 carries, 20 touchdowns (T-9th), 6.0 YPC, All-SEC 1981-82

Michael Davis 1991-94

2,721 yards (4th) on 578 carries, 27 touchdowns (3rd), 4.7 YPC

Keffer McGee 1994-96

1,647 yards on 323 carries, 16 touchdowns, 5.1 YPC

J.J. Johnson 1997-98

2,452 yards (7th) on 453 carries, 24 touchdowns (4th), 5.4 YPC, 7 100-yard games (T-2nd), 1998 Conerly Trophy, 1998 All-SEC

Dicenzo Miller 1998-01

2,209 yards on 403 carries, 17 touchdowns (plus seven receiving), 5.5 YPC, six 100-yard games (T-4th), 2000 All-SEC

Jerious Norwood 2002-05

3,212 yards (2nd) on 573 carries, 15 touchdowns) 5.6 YPC, 2005 Conerly Trophy, All-SEC 2004-05

Anthony Dixon 2006-09

3,994 yards (1st) on 910 carries (1st), 42 touchdowns (1st), 4.4 YPC, 17 100-yard games (1st), 2009 Conerly Trophy, 2009 All-SEC

Vick Ballard 2010-11

2,157 yards on 379 carries, 29 touchdowns (2nd), 5.7 YPC, six 100-yard games (4th)

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9 Responses to All-Time MSU Football Team: Running backs

  1. Chip Peterson says:

    No love for Kevin Bouie?

  2. Wayne Jones is by far the best MSU has ever had! He has held true to his maroon and white and pretty sure he would dress out and play TODAY! Wayne had the hearts of many and as his daughter, I’m proud to say I will ALWAYS be his number one fan! He deserves this honor more than anyone on the list! ❤️

  3. Donna Vance says:

    Vote for our cousin Wayne Jones!!!

  4. Kathy Smith says:

    Definitely Wayne Jones….he bleeds maroon and white !!

  5. Just a few more that was not mentioned on Wayne’s name… 1st team All SEC, hall of fame in MSU, 5 round draft by New York Jets, 4 round WFL .. 1 st running back in school history to run for 1000 yds in a single season.

  6. Amanda Breazeale says:

    Wayne Jones 100% maroon and white!

  7. Wayne Jones 100% maroon and white !

  8. Donna Vance says:

    Vote for Wayne “Big Daddy” Jones!!!

  9. Douglas says:

    Art Davis was 1952-55

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