By the Numbers: Countdown to MSU volleyball’s season opener

Tomorrow night, Mississippi State volleyball opens its 2014 season, the culmination of an offseason of work and three grueling weeks of training camp lasting nearly the entire length of August.

DRHVYYDRDOVOCYR.20120808213505Taking the court this weekend in the Sam Houston Classic, the Bulldogs will have put much more in than just the 10-hour bus ride to get to Texas.

Over the three weeks of preseason camp, they gave nearly all they had.

The theme for head coach Jenny Hazelwood’s team is Ohana – Hawaiian for family. Ohana means no one gets forgotten or left behind, that all must cooperate and support each other. With a large contingent, MSU’s team has bonded fast, aided greatly by their time in camp, their military-style day of training and their countless hours spent around each other.

Being so close for so long, they were either going to love or hate each other.

As Hazelwood had hoped, it went the right way. They’re family. And as a family, they went through quite a bit together in camp leading up to tomorrow’s season-opener.

By the numbers:

  • Practices in preseason: 24
  • Players on the team: 17
  • Total height: 109 feet, 7 inches
  • Rolls of tape used: 105
  • Gatorades consumed: 1,896
  • Pairs of knee pads: 51
  • Volleyballs used in each practice: 200
  • Hours of practice in camp: 72
  • Drills run through: 192
  • Changes of clothes: 1,785
  • Ice packs: 714
  • Shoes: 102
  • Days until the season begins: 1
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