Live blog: Dan Mullen press conference, Auburn week

At 1 p.m. today, Dan Mullen will meet with local media for his weekly press conference. No. 3 Mississippi State beat Texas A&M last weekend and hosts No. 2 Auburn this weekend. The game will be televised on CBS at 2:30 CT and ESPN’s College GameDay will be on campus.

Updates to come.


Mullen is here! Recapping last week, making a point to credit the fans for the home field advantage.

“I think last week, they saw the type of atmosphere we have here.”

More Mullen, “It’s really exciting for the state of Mississippi, all the success teams in the state are having … There’s a lot of pride with everybody in the state of Mississippi on the football field. It’s fantastic that we could be a part of that.”

Mullen says Auburn will be “the best team we’ve played so far … A team that knows how to win.”

Said they have one of the best defenses in the conference and the most experienced quarterbacks on offense. Big-play receivers and “obviously a great running team with a big offensive line and some backs they’ll throw at you … really another huge challenge for us this week. Should be a pretty exciting game.”

On the relationship between Dak Prescott and QBs coach Brian Johnson, says it helps how comfortable Johnson is with the offense and he knows how Mullen wants quarterbacks to be talked to, what he wants them to go over after a series. Said it’s very helpful having his eyes in the sky in the press box.

“There’s really just great communication about what’s getting done on the field.”

On all the attention, Mullen says, “Rankings and things aren’t really our goal. All I see is that we’re 2-0. We’ve got a long way to go.”

Mullen was asked about Prescott as a Heisman candidate. Kind of skirted saying too much, mostly just spoke about the kind of person Prescott is, how hard he works. Did say, “our offense kind of helps that.”

On how it feels to get a big win and be ranked third, Mullen says, “In my years in this league, I’ve learned that if you win a really big game in this league, the gift is you get an even bigger game the next week. And that’s really all you get.”

On the state, Mullen: “I have a lot of pride in our university and I have a lot of pride in the state of Mississippi … You’re always hearing about the state being last in something … It’s great to have something we take pride in.”

Going forward, though, Mullen says it’s important for guys to keep level heads.

“We haven’t accomplished anything we want to accomplish,” he says.

Good question about how Prescott handles hype. Mullen said he’s very mature and able to take care of it fine. “He got here being Dak Prescott, so he can keep being Dak Prescott.”

Added that he told Prescott not to take himself too seriously, said it’s important to find people who will keep you in check.

“Have fun with it. It’s really neat. Enjoy it. Sometimes it’ll be there, sometimes it won’t … take it for what it is … The things that are constant, those are what matter.”

On freshman receiver Gabe Myles, who started in place of the injured Jameon Lewis, Mullen says he did very well. Gave credit to receivers coach Billy Gonzales as well as Lewis himself for making sure his backup was ready.

Said he sees similarities between Myles and Lewis in that both were high school quarterbacks experimenting with new positions when they got to campus. Lewis started at cornerback at MSU just like Myles did, and both have now completed a pass to Prescott this year.

Mullen says Auburn and MSU’s offenses are very similar: “Balanced, will spread you out and run it, work the play-action … It certainly is a challenge for our defensive guys.”

Mullen says there’s a good chance of WR Jameon Lewis and K Devon Bell being able to play Saturday, but it’s a “we’ll see” thing on both.

Asked about Josh Robinson, Mullen says the key for him was learning to be mature while still holding onto his personality.

On Auburn’s defense, Mullen says they will be the best and most complete group they’ve faced. “They’re deep, they roll those guys through up front. Linebackers that are big, physical guys. Athletic enough to go play man coverage. They’re a very, very well-coached outfit.”


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