Live-blog: Dan Mullen press conference, Vandy week

At 1 p.m. today, Dan Mullen will meet with the media for his weekly press conference. No. 4 Mississippi State lost to Alabama last weekend and hosts Vanderbilt on Saturday at 6:30 on SEC Network for Senior Night.

Live updates to follow. In the meantime, the latest episode of This Is Our Plate is linked below, making jambalaya with Chef Elvis, the chef of the premium seating at Davis Wade Stadium.


Mullen’s here. Let’s rap.

He starts off talking about Senior Day.

“They’ve set a lot of records at Mississippi State,” he says. “A great day to come out and honor them.”

On to Vanderbilt, Mullen says “they’ve got a very, very young team. I think they’ve really made some strides.” Adds that “they’re a tough defense, play hard, play physical.”

Mullen asked how the team has responded to the loss.

“We had a good practice yesterday.” Team is off today, back at practice tomorrow.

“I think we’ve handled winning very well this season, so we’ll see how we handle adversity.”

Mullen talking about Jameon Lewis now, said the trainers thought he was in good shape after the game. He loves having Tubby back.

On rankings, Mullen says, “there’s so much football to be played this year … I’m more focused on trying to beat Vanderbilt and I’m sure they’re more focused on trying to rank those 120 teams.”

Being asked about interceptions, Mullen bristled a bit, didn’t seem to want to talk about it. Said they were all different and you can’t offer one answer to all of them.

As expected, Mullen asked about how he handles going from hot seat last year to being a hot name this year.

“I live in reality. My reality is finding a way to win football games here at MSU … I don’t live in the chat line, blog line, call-in radio show world.”

On postseason future, Mullen says, “All you can control is this week’s game … When you start worrying about too many other big things, that’s when you start losing.”

Mullen adds that leadership has been good this year in the locker room and he’s not concerned about motivation or looking ahead. he trusts his leaders and captains to keep the team focused.


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