Live blog: Dan Mullen press conference, Egg Bowl week

At 1 p.m. today, Dan Mullen will meet with the media for his weekly press conference. Mississippi State (10-1, 6-1 SEC) beat Vanderbilt 51-0 Saturday and travels to Oxford for the Egg Bowl this weekend.

Live updates to follow.

Until then, enjoy this week’s This Is Our Plate, making crawfish rolls at Old Venice Pizza Company, embedded below.


It’s Mullen time. MSU has the Egg Bowl trophy and their maroon and gold helmet on display for the press conference.

“This week changes everything with being a rivalry week,” Mullen says. “You kind of work year round for this type of game.”

Mullen said he expects a tough environment to play in, says Oxford is a hard place to go on the road. “I know they’re not big fans of me in that part of the state.”

Mullen: “This is my sixth time playing in this game, and I view the other five as equally as important as this one.”

Mullen says the “records and all that stuff don’t matter coming into this game.”

Asked about elevated importance of Egg Bowl on his arrival in 2009, Mullen said, “All I did was embrace it.”

Mullen said the Egg Bowl is “bigger” and “nastier” than any other rivalry. “It’s neighbor against neighbor.”

Adds, “Everybody in the state takes the outcome of this game very seriously and brags about the outcome for 364 days.”

Scouting Ole Miss, Mullen says their defense “athletic, quick, fast and runs to the ball very well,” and said multiple times they’re “very aggressive.”

Mullen said the Egg Bowl is important for so many reasons, especially with it coming at the end of the regular season.

“I think it’s just so important to win this game and have that momentum for your team and your whole university.”

Mullen acknowledged Ole Miss’ 6 turnovers last week: “That’s not gonna happen. It’s gonna be a different team we play.”

On quarterback Bo Wallace, Mullen said he’s a guy who plays with confidence and takes chances. “He can beat you in a hurry.”

As far as holiday plans go, Mullen says they’ll finish up early Thursday so that players who live close enough can spend Thanksgiving with their families.

What makes the Egg Bowl important? Mullen says:

“That’s who you’re around in this state. When our fans go to the grocery store, they’re seeing School Up North people … I don’t know how many different academic competitions we do, but this is Mississippi. Football is kind of really important here. That’s what people judge these schools on.”

Mullen says “it’ll be a little more intense week of practice” in advance of Egg Bowl. “It makes this game feel different and that’s really what we want, for our guys to know this game is different.”

On the injury front, Mullen says wide receiver De’Runnya Wilson is good to go. He was cleared Saturday against Vanderbilt, but they didn’t need him so they let him rest a little more.


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One Response to Live blog: Dan Mullen press conference, Egg Bowl week

  1. jdc270 says:

    Somebody put Bo Wallace on the ground every play, it’ll piss him off & he can’t play when he’s mad! Go Dawgs!

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