All-Century MSU Football team revealed

This summer, in honor of the 100th year of Scott Field, Mississippi State fans voted on the All-Century MSU Football Team, the winners of which were revealed at home football games over the course of the season.

The full team, as selected by MSU fans, is listed below.



Quarterback: Wayne Madkin (1998-01)

Tight end: Reggie Kelly (1995-98)

Wide receiver: Eric Moulds (1993-95); Chad Bumphis (2009-12); Justin Jenkins (2000-03)

Running back: Anthony Dixon (2006-09); Jerious Norwood (2002-05)

Offensive line: Kent Hull (1979-82); Pork Chop Womack (1997-00); Gabe Jackson (2010-13); Derek Sherrod (2007-10); Randy Thomas (1997-98)

All-purpose: Tony James (1989-92)



Defensive line: Fletcher Cox (2009-11); Billy Jackson (1980-83); Glen Collins (1978-81); Harvey Hull (1973-76)

Linebacker: Johnie Cooks (1977-81); D.D. Lewis (1965-67); Paul Lacoste (1993-96)

Defensive back: Fred Smoot (1999-00); Johnthan Banks (2009-12); Walt Harris (1992-95); Pig Prather (1998-01)



Placekicker: Scott Westerfield (1999-00)

Punter: Jeff Walker (1996-99)

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3 Responses to All-Century MSU Football team revealed

  1. bobmoncrief says:

    I LOVE Wayne Madkin….but, not all century. Good QB, a winner for sure, but no better than third maybe fourth on this list seems about right to me.

  2. Lamar Conerly says:

    It is interesting that the offense players are almost entirely from the last 15 seasons and the defense players are almost all before that.
    Don Smith had to have finished a close second at QB.

  3. Jim Parsons says:

    Apparently we only played football for 40 of the last 100 years of history at Scott Field. No Jackie Parker, no Shorty McWilliams, no Joe Fortunato (Paul LaCoste?), no Blondy Black, no Steve Freeman?

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