Maroon-White Spring Game rosters released

Just under 24 hours away from kickoff, we’ve got the rosters for the annual Maroon-White Spring Football Game at Mississippi State. You can check out the full rosters here, but we’ll hit the highlights below.

DUEQHOZBTOGJHGD.20141004185209In every spring game under Dan Mullen, the Maroon team has won, and based on these rosters, they’ll be favorites to repeat. It doesn’t work out exactly perfectly, but the split is pretty clear between starting groups and second teams.

Maroon has the starting quarterback (Dak Prescott, obviously), running backs, receivers, tight ends, defensive line and defensive backs. Those starters will be working with, generally speaking, the second team offensive line and linebackers.

Conversely, the White team has the second team quarterback (freshman Nick Fitzgerald, who has had a very good spring), running backs, receivers, tight ends, defensive linemen and defensive backs. Naturally, they’ve got the first-team offensive line and linebackers.

The pairing of basically the starting offense with the second-team offensive line (and the second-team offense with the starting offensive line) should make for some fun and help balance things. As a result, the starting defensive and offensive lines will be pitted against each other, and the same for the second team lines.

One note announced earlier in regards to the game: basketball coaches Ben Howland (White) and Vic Schaefer (Maroon) will serve as the guest coaches for the spring game on invitation from Dan Mullen.

Also, I’m told MSU will be holding a few players out for precautionary measures. Quarterbacks Damian Williams and Elijah Staley are on that list, as well as receivers Gabe Myles, Jesse Jackson and Malik Dear, defensive backs Taveze Calhoun and Kendrick Market, running back Brandon Holloway and linebacker Dez Harris.

We’ll have more in the way of analysis, information and observation from the Spring Game tomorrow. Kickoff is at 11 a.m. and MSU will officially welcome the new Bully in a ceremony beginning at 10:30.

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