100 things to look forward to for 100 days until MSU football

Today, as this is published, it is exactly 100 days until Mississippi State kicks off the 2015 football season against Southern Miss. With that in mind, I spent the last several days compiling a list of 100 things to look forward to about football returning. This is specific to MSU, of course, though there are a few broader harbingers of happiness.

0fa519bd4c4937f51053b17b799e28cbThe list was compiled to be from the point of view of an MSU fan able to enjoy the full luxuries of a football season, things I must often observe in jealousy from the press box – though I certainly won’t complain about the cover if it rains. I did, however, include a few of my own personal pleasures here and there.

Anyway, here in no particular order whatsoever are 100 things for MSU fans to look forward to about the 2015 football season. Fair warning: I was a little hungry while putting this together.

  1. The Dawg Walk
  2. 50,000-plus singing Don’t Stop Believin’ before the fourth quarter
  3. De’Runnya Wilson breaking tackles
  4. MSU cheese
  5. MSU ice cream
  6. The Egg Bowl being back in Starkville
  7. Richie Brown’s beard
  9. Halftime shows
  10. Blue plates at Cappe’s Steakhouse
  11. Cookie dough bites at Stromboli’s
  12. Anything made by Ty Thames
  13. Road trips
  14. Tailgating
  15. The CBS College Football music
  16. Dak Prescott passing the ball
  17. Dak Prescott running the ball
  18. Dak Prescott catching the ball
  19. Dak Prescott creating world peace
  20. Fireworks after touchdowns
  21. Accidentally eating five meals worth of food on Saturdays
  22. Staying quiet throughout the entire National Anthem and definitely totally not yelling anything near the end of it. For sure.
  23. The debut of Gerri Green
  24. Rece Davis on College GameDay
  25. Complaining about students leaving early
  26. Complaining about students doing cheers too fast
  27. Wishing you were still a student
  28. Dinner at Harvey’s
  29. Late nights at The Guest Room
  30. Seeing which running back replaces Josh Robinson
  31. Unlimited opportunities for selfies
  32. Getting a picture to load in the stadium (Seriously, feels every bit as a impressive as scoring a touchdown)
  33. Making new friends
  34. Running into old friends
  35. Trying not to trip over children (They’re everywhere)
  36. Cowbell Yell
  37. Chanting before kickoffs
  38. Cheering way too hard for made extra points
  39. Deep passes
  40. Shipley’s donuts
  41. Watching Dan Mullen yell at the refs
  42. Watching a student assistant try to hold Dan Mullen back while he yells at the refs
  43. Cheese logs at The Veranda after the game
  44. A second order of cheese logs
  45. The land rush in The Junction on Friday afternoon
  46. The patio at Bin 612
  47. Cheese fries at Bin 612
  48. Chicken nachos at Bin 612
  49. Getting my drift here?
  50. Singing the alma mater with the team after the game
  51. Checking the video board for the words to the alma mater after the game
  52. Thanksgiving food in The Junction
  53. The Hail State Highlight
  54. The possible return of the College GameDay and SEC Nation sets
  55. The Juice Boys dancing on the sidelines
  56. The debuts of Nick Fitzgerald and Elijah Staley
  57. Going to a bowl game
  58. Dinner at any of Robert St. John’s places in Hattiesburg for the Southern Miss game
  59. Cornhole
  60. Things wrapped in bacon
  61. Accidentally getting a tan in October
  62. Five-star freshmen
  63. Seeing the new polls on Sundays
  64. Piling too many people in one room to save money
  65. Crawfish rolls at Old Venice
  66. The McDonald at Mugshots
  67. Cookies at Bulldog Deli
  68. Anything at Lost Pizza Co.
  69. Pre-game in the Gridiron Club (my favorite spot in the north endzone)
  70. Waking up and watching morning games when MSU plays at night
  71. Sitting at the tailgate and watching night games when MSU plays early
  72. Falling asleep during the west coast games no matter when MSU plays
  73. Chips and dip
  74. The Maroon-White cheer
  75. Ringing cowbells at people from other schools
  76. Meeting nice people from other schools
  77. Kiss Cam
  78. Dawg Talk at The DawgHouse
  79. The inevitable return of Anthony Dixon. It’ll be fun, fun, fun.
  80. Running late on Saturday morning
  81. ESPN talking about Little Dooey
  82. Bulldog Bash
  83. Night games
  84. The clock museum in Barnes and Noble. Not kidding. That place is cool.
  85. Starkville Style wings at Stagger In
  86. Or the deep-fried cheeseburger
  87. Or the gumbalaya nachos
  88. Just go to Stagger
  89. Back-shoulder passes
  90. Strange Brew’s sign
  91. Chris Jones tacklin’ people
  92. Taveze Calhoun suplexin’ people
  93. Happy hour at Dave’s DarkHorse
  94. Ordering the Kathy Dip at Dave’s, even though it’s not on the menu
  95. Eating your weight in fried rice and sushi at Umi
  96. Just eat anywhere in Starkville, if you’re not picking up on this
  97. The 100 Year uniforms in maroon
  98. The 100 Year uniforms in white
  99. High-fives with strangers
  100. Dak Prescott pointing to the sky after touchdowns
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