Live blog: John Cohen end-of-season press conference

At noon today, Mississippi State baseball coach John Cohen will hold his end-of-season press conference reviewing the 2015 season, talking summer league baseball, and previewing the 2016 campaign.

Live updates to follow. Follow @HailStateBB for a live-stream of the event on Periscope.


RUIQZQZZGTYQQMF.20150214024509He’s here! As are a full room of reporters. They’re going to ask questions of Cohen, I would assume. Plan is for him to answer them.

Asked about the season as a whole, Cohen says, “Obviously, we were pretty disappointed with the overall season,” but, “I don’t think we’re that far away.”

Adds, “I’m not a big believer in the luck part, because I think you make your own luck,” but says he’s watching the SEC teams they played close against do so well in the postseason and knows they were a few plays away from beating those teams.

Cohen, mentioning the seven players in the Cape Cod League, says “I’m excited about the group we have coming back.”

“The summer is really big for everybody … the development of our kids over the summer is really important.”

On the big picture, Cohen says, “Any successful organization is always evaluating itself … We’re evaluating everything we do, every phase.”

Specifically, Cohen says the things they’re looking at are what they’re going to do with pitching and how personnel sets up for Dudy Noble.

“We feel like we’re in as good a position as we can possibly be,” Cohen says of the current signing class and their prospects in the MLB Draft. “If the entire class shows up, we feel like it’s one of the best classes if not the best class in the country.”

“The only way you can prepare for those things is to be super aggressive in your numbers. It’s a challenge, no doubt about it.”

As for current players on the roster and possible transfers, Cohen says it’s hard to know right now, they expect to know a lot more next week. Said they’ve got some difficult and sensitive situations that have to be figured out.

More on the incoming class, specifically the talented pitchers, Cohen says it’s difficult to tell, “But I think they’ll all have an impact, it’s just difficult to tell what it will be.”

As pitching staffs go, Cohen says he doesn’t want to be reliant on just a few people. “We want as many people as possible to contribute.”

On the injury front, Cohen said he’s not quite ready to discuss details. Says things will be more clear at the end of the summer. He notes, as is known, that MSU had a good deal of injuries in the 2015 season. Though he added, “That’s not an excuse … All teams that compete at a high level will have injuries. The ones that can minimize that are the ones who will have success.”

He did share that there were several injuries and situations they didn’t share publicly.

Cohen talking new ball now, says “we were not out in front of that.” Mentioned that most of the pitching staff was guys who get sink, and the new ball took some of the way. As hitting goes, said obviously Dudy Noble is a big park.

On that hitting front, Cohen says some of the need for power “has been addressed” in current signing class.

Interesting. Cohen was asked about the adidas bats, said that the players used them (and other bats) in some testing and they chose the adidas bats. Players like them.

With so many young arms, Cohen said pitchers Zac Houston and Dakota Hudson will be relied on in 2016. “Both of them showed flashes, but we’re going to need more than that … They have to make some jumps.”

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