List of freshmen football enrollees, plus new numbers for returning players

In the dregs of summer, we pounce on any football news we can get. This week, we didn’t even have to scrape the bottom. A wealth of small Mississippi State-football related items are worth talking about the last few days. Summer workouts for the team began Monday and summer school classes started today.

DUEQHOZBTOGJHGD.20141004185209Most importantly, new freshmen enrolled this week and they’ve picked their collegiate uniform numbers, one of the more difficult decisions they’ll have this summer. The list below represents all freshmen who enrolled for the start of the June semester, though first we’ll mention a few older players who have opted for new numbers.

*Note: Heights and weights for incoming players are not updated and may change once they are officially weighed in by MSU’s staff.


No. 2 Elijah Staley, redshirt freshman QB

No. 7 Nick Fitzgerald, redshirt freshman QB

No. 7 Tolando Cleveland, junior DB


No. 3 Traver Jung (Holmes CC) – LB, 6-4, 215 pounds

No. 12 Jamal Peters (Bassfield, MS) – DB, 6-2, 216 pounds

No. 14 Nick Tiano (Chattanooga, TN) – QB, 6-5, 230 pounds

No. 21 Nick Gibson (Birmingham, AL) – RB, 5-11, 197 pounds

No. 23 Keith Mixon (Birmingham, AL) – WR, 5-8, 175 pounds

No. 26 Alec Murphy (Nixa, MO) – RB, 6-1, 225 pounds

No. 30 Chris Stamps (Vicksburg, MS) – DB, 6-1, 170 pounds

No. 31 Maurice Smitherman (Adamsville, AL) – DB, 5-9, 178 pounds

No. 41 Mark McLaurin (Collins, MS) – DB, 6-2, 210 pounds

No. 43 Fletcher Adams (Brandon, MS) – DL, 6-2, 260 pounds

No. 44 Leo Lewis (Brookhaven, MS) – LB, 6-2, 231 pounds

No. 50 Tim Washington ((Yazoo City, MS) – LB, 6-3, 183 pounds

No. 69 Darryl Williams (Bessemer, AL) – OL, 6-3, 304 pounds

No. 75 Harrison Moon (Chattanooga, TN) – OL, 6-4, 276 pounds

No. 81 Justin Johnson (Birmingham, AL) – WR, 6-4, 224 pounds

No. 85 Jonnas Spivey (Bay Springs, MS) – WR, 6-1, 181 pounds

No. 91 Anfernee Mullins (Aliceville, AL) – DL, 6-4, 245 pounds

No. 92 Kendell Jones (Pinson, AL) – DL, 6-4, 255 pounds

No. 99 Keith Joseph, Jr. (Pascagoula, MS) – LB, 6-4, 226 pounds

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