Live thread: Dan Mullen press conference, LSU week

Today at 1 p.m., Dan Mullen will hold his weekly press conference in advance of hosting LSU. Mississippi State beat Southern Miss last weekend, while LSU’s game against McNeese State was canceled due to weather in the area.

Live updates from Mullen’s time at the podium to follow.


TCUPOVUPDVPUGAC.20141123025642Mullen is here.

“It’s going to be an exciting atmosphere on campus, rocking environment … The first conference game of the year is always such a big game. It can really catapult you or put you behind the 8-ball.”

Mullen says one of the things he’s looking for this week is for the young guys to make big improvements from last week. Said older guys more or less are how they are, but that younger ones who played for the first time get to watch themselves on tape for the first time and need to learn from it.

Asked about whether MSU or LSU has advantage because MSU played and LSU didn’t, Mullen said he’s not sure one way or the other is better.

“I think there’s probably advantages on both sides and disadvantages on both side. It doesn’t go one way or the other.”

Mullen says they’ve planned for LSU off last year’s LSU, Alabama and even USC game tape looking for schemes to expect from LSU defense, considering LSU has a new defensive coaching staff.

Asked about Brandon Holloway, Mullen said the junior running back is known for speed but could handle being an every-down back if MSU had to depend on him for it. Unlikely to happen, and he’s more used for speed, but Mullen likes what Holloway is able to do.

Moving onto offensive line, Mullen says, “I thought we played solid up front. I don’t know that we were great. I don’t know that we were poor. I think there’s a lot we can improve on. For three new starters, I think we handled the situation pretty well.”

More scouting for LSU: Mullen says preparing for LSU running back Leonard Fournette is difficult. Big, strong and fast, and there’s no tape on him from this year. Makes it hard, too, because MSU doesn’t have a running back quite like him.

On defensive tackle Nick James: “I really think that’s the best I’ve seen him play, including practice.”

Mullen said he’s proud of how far James has come. Said he’s an emotional guy, which they don’t want to take away, “but he’s got to learn how to channel his emotions into play-making instead of doing silly stuff.”

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