Live thread: Dan Mullen press conference, Missouri week

At 1 p.m. today, Dan Mullen will meet with reporters for his weekly press conference. Mississippi State is 6-2 and plays at Missouri on Thursday night after an off week last weekend.

Live updates to follow.


NYYLMRSORAXGGJQ.20151010210138And he’s here.

“We’re excited to go back out there and play,” he opens.

Mullen said the chance for players to get some rest, have personal time and step away from the game for a quick breather was nice. That said, bye week was handled differently given the short week this week.

Yesterday, MSU had what they consider their Tuesday practice and today they will have Wednesday practice.

As for Missouri, Mullen said the big challenge is getting ready for a strong defense.

“Statistically, the best defense in the entire conference,” Mullen says. “Going to be a huge challenge for us … They play hard. They’ve got explosive pass-rushers off the edge. They’ve got really big, physical guys on the inside.”

Offensively, Mullen said Mizzou not having veteran QB Maty Mauk doesn’t change MSU’s approach to preparing for them.

“They’re gonna run their system,” Mullen said. “They’re gonna do what they do. It’s not like they completely changed their system when they went to the freshman.”

Time for the big questions, talking about punter Logan Cooke, who is on the watch list for the Ray Guy Award. Mullen considers him a veteran player and says he never gets nervous. Has a lot of confidence in him.

As for the team as a whole, Mullen says MSU is starting to find its identity, especially as younger players are learning what it takes and getting comfortable.

“We want to peak at the end of the season, not the beginning or the middle,” he says. “Schematically, we’ve settled in to what we’re doing well.”


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