Live thread: Dan Mullen press conference, Egg Bowl week

At 1 p.m. today, Dan Mullen visit with reporters for his weekly press conference. Mississippi State beat Arkansas 51-50 last week and hosts Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl on Saturday.

Live updates to follow.


And he here’s.

Mullen says “rivalry week is always a lot of fun for fans.”

As Mullen mentions, it’s the last home game for the seniors who will leave as one of the winningest classes in school history. He knows it will be emotional but says it’s something they can enjoy, too, getting to say goodbye.

Mullen says their biggest impact has been helping change the perception of the program, both nationally and internally. They’re the winningest class since the 1942 seniors.

Asked specifically about Dak Prescott and his legacy, “everyone will appreciate it forever here … I don’t know that there’s anybody in Mississippi State history to own as many records as he holds. I’m guessing when they introduce him for Senior Night, it’ll be pretty loud.”

As for football stuff, Mullen says MSU is healthy on the injury front. Came out of Arkansas healthy. Tight end Gus Walley is questionable, but he’s the only player on the injury report.

For the Egg Bowl specifically, Mullen was asked about home field advantage, which he says, “is such a big deal.” Helps to have fans as well as the comfort and routine of your own place. Says MSU fans give his team a great home field advantage.

Mullen says rivalry start within the fanbase and “making sure they know you take the game seriously” as a coach. “I think it’s a big game for our fanbase and for everybody. You get a year’s worth of bragging rights in the state.”

Mullen adds, “God’s gonna smile on all of us the same after the game, though the people in the winning colors may feel like he’s smiling a little more on that fanbase.”

“A win over your rival is a lot of fun,” Mullen says. “It’s the best locker room you can be in.”

Between rivalry and Senior Night, Mullen says emotion is good, but he counts on “leadership to keep us on the right path” and help the team stay focused on gameday.

Mullen talking now about offensive tackle Elgton Jenkins, who started and played at right tackle for MSU at Arkansas. Usual starter Justin Senior “was a little banged up” and could have played, but worked out OK to have Jenkins stay in the whole game. Allowed Senior to rest fully.

As for Ole Miss’ personnel, Mullen is complimentary of their defensive line. “They do a lot of movement with those guys” and said they get a lot of penetration. The big challenge he said is that it’s hard to get one-on-ones with all their movement.


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