Dan Mullen Press Conference Live Thread: UMass Week

At 1 p.m. today, Dan Mullen meets with local reporters for his weekly press conference. MSU plays UMass in Boston this weekend.

Live updates to follow.

And he’s here, let’s get rolling.

One of the first things Mullen points out is that UMass has already played one SEC and one ACC team this season, so they’ll be ready for the moment. Says they have a fast defense and an “explosive” running back.

Mullen says they don’t spread defenses out much, but are able to pass well. “We’ve got to be able to get pressure on the quarterback,” he says. “We didn’t do a good job of that last week.”

Haven’t double-checked the weather, but Mullen said the forecast has the temperatures 30 degrees cooler in Boston this weekend than any day here in Starkville. Said players will have to adjust to that, but shouldn’t be too bad.

Part of the importance of the game this weekend is that it’s a return to New England where Mullen is from. He says he has several groups of friends and family who are coming to the game, as many as 80 people coming along. His wife Megan is helping coordinate things for everyone.

“It was a great place to grow up,” he said of New Hampshire. “Lot of great memories growing up there … It’s fun for me to get towards home and play a game.”

MSU’s team plane lands in Rhode Island before playing in Massachusetts. Mullen adds, “I imagine that’ll be the first time for most of our players in either of those states.”

On the performance against LSU, Mullen says, “I thought there were plays to be made and we just weren’t making them. Run and pass, offense and defense … I thought in the second half we made those plays, we were just in too big of a hole to dig ourselves out of.”

On the injury front, Mullen says DE/LB Will Coleman will definitely be back for the Auburn game, but has a chance to play this weekend. Same for cornerback Cedric Jiles, though his return is less likely this weekend.

Talking Bulldogs in the NFL, Mullen is saying how cool it was to see a picture of Dak Prescott and Preston Smith after they played each other yesterday in Washington. He said his wife was joking about how excited Smith was to be allowed to tackle Prescott for the first time.

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