Dan Mullen Press Conference Live Thread – BYU Week

At 1 p.m. today, Dan Mullen will meet with reporters for his weekly press conference. Mississippi State plays at BYU on Friday night at 9:15 central.

Live updates to follow.

And he’s here. Mullen opens discussing the short week and long trip, added in with a late night kick.

“A different style of challenge for our guys,” he said.

He expects a lot of different looks and a blitz-heavy scheme from BYU’s defense. Offensively, Mullen calls BYU QB Taysom Hill “a great winner, a great competitor” and compares him a little to Tim Tebow as a physical runner. “He’s got that ‘It Factor.”

Says BYU has a great tailback and some tough matchups at receiver, as well.

“We’ve got to execute at a high level” to win, Mullen said.

In preparation, MSU is practicing later at night this week.

As for MSU’s team, Mullen discussing how to work through highs and lows.

“The best way I know how to get through adversity is to get back to work,” he said.

Having built a program on the idea of relentless effort, Mullen says there’s a bit of a learning curve for young guys to understand what that means. He says the transition from high school where they are usually the best player on the field to being in the SEC and around serious talent often takes some time.

“There’s a strain level that you have to hit,” Mullen says, “And guys have to learn to do that every snap.”

In practice yesterday, Mullen says players responded fairly well. “I thought our attitude was good.” Said it was just weird with the difference in schedule this week.

On the injury front, Mullen says “we’ll see” on senior safety Kivon Coman, who suffered an injury in the first half last week and didn’t play in the second half. Mullen didn’t rule him out for Friday, will see how he does in practice this week.

Also, a couple kickers still recovering as Logan Cooke’s knee is still healing and he didn’t do kickoffs this week. Westin Graves has had back issues and actually didn’t practice the last couple weeks because of it.

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5 Responses to Dan Mullen Press Conference Live Thread – BYU Week

  1. jdc270 says:

    If the 1st team Defense & Offense, can not play better, leave them in Starkville and play the B team, I might understand having 35 points scored in the 1st half then!

  2. Barry Baxter says:

    Please bring back the “Maroon – White” pre-game cheer, it was a tradition that had been in place for many years. The “new” cheer is a disappointment.

    Thank you, and Hail State!

    Barry Baxter
    Clinton, MS

  3. kenneth keith says:

    Every since they took down the State Flag ,they have played terrible. The flag had nothing to do with recruiting good players. Quit being Political Correct. Go back to being Mississippi State.

  4. Jim says:

    I’d like to see relentless effort from our coaches this week.

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