The Hail State Beat is the official blog of Mississippi State Athletics. Authored by Bob Carskadon, it covers and reports on all things MSU sports, from games and events to people and places. #HailState

7 Responses to About

  1. Jeanne H says:

    Thanks for an encouraging review. We have a very good coaching staff and a talented and dedicated 2014 team which, as you said, brings terrific excitement about next season to Bulldog fans. Hail State!!!!

  2. Frank Caperton says:

    Sure would be nice if we could get an updated roster for baseball. Season will be beginning and we won’t even know who the players are.

  3. Linda says:

    Great article on Campbell Dale. Very well written

  4. Bob, great article. I’m a C.S. Lewis nut. So glad to hear that Richie is as well. Would love to touch base with him sometime and share our love of all things Lewis and Mississippi State! I lead a group of Air Force, Navy and a marine Corps flight students in a group that draws inspiration from the Inklings. We meet once a week in a coffee shop or a pub in Pensacola, FL. Reading Mere Christianity with the group at present.

    Thanks for this article!

    Tom Robertson

  5. Richard Hylton says:

    Looks like a great blog…I’ve worked and taught at both MSN and UGA…SO GO DAWGS

  6. Mary Lynn Lipscomb says:

    Love it!

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