MSU unveils white 100-year uniforms for Orange Bowl

To commemorate the 100th season of Scott Field at Mississippi State, Adidas and the MSU football team unveiled maroon 100-Year specialty uniforms for the season-opener against Southern Miss. Players, coaches and fans loved them so much, the Bulldogs ended up wearing them for most of their home games the rest of the year.

The natural follow-up to the popularity of the maroon jerseys was a desire for a white version to wear on the road. In the middle of the season, there wasn’t enough time to have them made immediately, as new uniforms are typically a years-long process between development, design and overseas production.

However, Athletic Director Scott Stricklin and the rest of MSU’s administration recognized how great the public demand was, while also seeing how much the team itself liked the uniforms, and worked with Adidas to have a version ready for the postseason. As it stands now, the full roster of uniforms hasn’t even arrived yet (en route, at the moment), but Adidas was able to send one ahead of time for MSU to get a look at.

So, here are the white 100-Year uniforms MSU will wear in the Capital One Orange Bowl against Georgia Tech on New Year’s Eve, complete with matte helmet and mantraflage cleats and gloves. This version of the jersey has BULLDOGS on the back, but the actual uniforms will have the last names of the players. Also, in-game, the jersey will have numbers on the shoulder.

Orange Bowl 1

Orange Bowl 2

Orange Bowl 3

Orange Bowl 4

Orange Bowl 5

Orange Bowl 6

Orange Bowl 7

Orange Bowl 8

Orange Bowl 9

Orange Bowl 10


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6 Responses to MSU unveils white 100-year uniforms for Orange Bowl

  1. David Thoms says:

    Great Looking Uniform….

  2. Lowell Ragan says:

    Maroon and White forever. The uniforms at Ole Miss this year looked ridiculous!!!!!!

  3. T Kennedy says:

    Not sure this the right time to do a uniform change before a bowl game could be a bad idea. Should stay with same uniform. Start fresh next season!

  4. Gary Joslin says:

    We don’t need to lose our identity.

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